Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lana Update

I'm happy to report that Lana is having a great summer. She loves the pool, the boat, the fountains at the Botanical Gardens and all things involving water. She was baptized at church on July 27th. She splashed and poured water on herself like she was playing at the pool. One of the children on the front row commented, "oh no, she's drinking the water!". I wish we had videotaped it, she was hilarious. Then she walked down the isle waving at everyone. I don't think anyone has enjoyed their baptism any more.

Lana is talking, but not putting words together much yet. She still understands both Russian and English quite well. She has renamed most of our household. Luba is now called Bubba. Quint is Buddy. Our dog Sophie is So So and the cat, Woody is called Dee.

Lana's new trick is taking out her prosthetic eye. When she's in her bed she takes it out and throws it across the room, just like she does with her pacifier. When I get her up she will get her pacifier and place it back in her bed, then get her eye and hand it to me. When we are in the car she takes off her shoes, pulls out her hair bow and then takes out her eye. Fortunately, it's easy to put back in and it only takes a second. We've really gotten over the ick factor. It must not hurt at all because she doesn't even flinch. We're just afraid we're going to lose it. She now reminds us to put it in before we leave to go somewhere. She looks at herself in the mirror and says eye, eye. I don't know what we are going to do when she goes to preschool in the fall. I hope she doesn't take it out there.


Kate said...

Yay! An update with new pictures! Lana looks just darling - I'm so happy that she is doing so well! That's so funny about the eye!!!! Thanks for the pics!!

J. Chapman said...

Great new photos - I am so glad I just happened to check. I forwarded the link to Mason to see also! Glad to know ya'll are having a great summer! -Julie

Marnie & Jeremy said...

We missed you! Thanks for the update. I am just so thrilled to see how well Lana has adjusted. What a great personality she has developed. She is going to be the life of the party at preschool.

Hilary Marquis said...

I was just getting ready to pester you about new pictures ;) She looks great! I cannot believe she is the same sad little girl that I met a year ago, the transformation is amazing. Anara isn't speaking very well yet either, but understands everything perfectly...she pretends she doesn't from time to time. The eye comments had my laughing till I cried! I'll bet the preschool teacher hasn't had to deal with that before!

Jackie S said...

I am still chuckling over her throwing her eye like her pacifier ;) Oh dear!!! She must be a hoot. And that she asks for it when she looks in the mirror. She looks so wonderful, Channing. So happy to read your update and see this pics.

(I haven't forgotten that I owe you an email).


Uncle Lee said...

Great Photos Gang!

I am so happy that everyone had a good summer.