Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Many Milestones

It's been one year since Chris and I first met Lana. I couldn't let this anniversary pass without an update for our cyber friends. These past couple of months have brought quite a few milestones and changes for the Guvernator family.

Lana celebrated her second birthday on August 17 with a big family get together. She loved the cake and ice cream and all the attention. Her favorite gift was a leopard print bathrobe with a hot pink collar, very diva.

Big sister Luba went away to college on August 30. We miss our Bubba, but I'm happy to report that she's settled in nicely and she's having a great time.

In the midst of all the celebrations we lost our wonderful babysitter to an unexpected move. With a lot of help from Mee Maw, or as Lana calls her Maw Mee, we made it through a few crazy weeks while we scrambled to find child care. Fortunately, a really good preschool with before and aftercare had a last minute opening. Lana started preschool on September 3. Check out her first day picture with her apple "pack, pack" and matching "box". She likes carrying them into school each day. She loves school and had adjusted amazingly well. She has new friends, great teachers and plenty of wonderful activities to keep her happy and busy while we're at work.

When you ask Lana what she wants to do, she always says "pool". We spent lots of time there this summer and she's is doing very well with her swimming. She even jumped off the diving board. Chris is taking her to the inside pool for swimming lessons now and she just loves it. She also loves boat rides and even enjoyed going tubing. She is also working on learning how to pedal her tricycle. She just got a new scooter and she loves it. She rides her scooter while Buddy rides his skateboard. They are quite a pair.

The most recent picture of the bunch was taken this morning. Lana wore her Wolfpack gear to school today and she seemed quite proud of herself. She even stood still while I put her hair in pig tails.

As I reflect on the past 12 months, I feel so blessed to have this wonderful little person in our lives. I am also grateful for the help and support of our family and friends, without whom, we couldn't have made it through this wonderful, stressful, joyful and complicated year.


Hilary Marquis said...

I cannot read an update or see pictures of Lana without crying! She is so special to us, you all are. She looks so grown up and her hair is so cute in pigtails. Happy Birthday Snowflake!

Jackie S said...

Happy Belated B-day, Lana!! She looks so wonderfully happy and BEAUTIFUL beyond words.

What a year it has been for both of us and our kiddos :)

Hugs to Lana from Jackie & Noli

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Lana looks like such a big girl now! She is beautiful! It is too funny that she takes her eye out like her paci. Has it happened at preschool yet? I wonder what the other little ones reactions were? Happy 1 year together!