Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Good news to report from the eye surgeon, Lana's eye is all healed. She will get her new lens on March 7th, three months to the day from when she arrived. An Ocularist (an important new word in my vocabulary) will make a lens that looks just like her other eye. It only takes one visit and she goes home with a new eye! It's an amazing process.

I went back to work in the beginning of February. We were lucky to find a wonderful Russian lady to take care of Lana during the day. She has a little girl just a bit younger than Lana, so Lana has a playmate during the day. She speaks with the girls in Russian, so Lana is learing both Russian and English at the same time.

We have had several questions about The Princess and the Little Fairy. Luba wanted me to explain the outfits. She was dressed up for a theme party. Lana had just received a package in the mail with the fancy pants and the wings (Thanks April!). I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity.

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J. Chapman said...

That is wonderful news! Please tell everyone hello from the Chapmans!